Local Rules

Men’s Club Local Rules

#16 Green – You may move your ball to the nearest point of relief, no closer to hole, when you are on the green and there is Goose damage between your ball and the hole.

#15 Out of Bounds and Tree Well Relief

            Out of Bounds – Marked by white stakes from tee area to rock border to right of cart path beside home.  Marked by white stakes from end of home and beyond.  For the rock border area beside the cart path if your ball is on the cart path, you are in bounds, if you are on the rock border or to the right of the rock border, you are out of bounds.

            Tree Well Relief – If you are in bounds and in a tree well, you are allowed “line of sight” nearest point of relief (keeping ball and pin on same line) if you ball is behind a tree, with the tree between you and the pin.  If your ball is ahead of the tree (tree is not between ball and pin), you are allowed the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole.

Ground Under Repair – The golf course has agreed to mark areas on the course where a free drop may be taken based on the “ground under repair” rules of golf (free drop outside of the ground under repair area, no nearer to hole).  However, to date, that marking has not taken place.  Until the ground under repair areas are marked by golf course personnel … if you believe you are in a spot that should be considered ground under repair, please discuss it with your playing partners and come to a consensus decision among your group on whether or not you should take a free drop outside of the area in question.

Out of Bounds Designations – The OB markers on the course are a combination of 1) White OB stakes, 2) Owners’ signs indicating to drop ball in fairway (ignore wording on signs, treat these as OB signs), and 3) Golf course border fencing (left of #1, #2, #3, #4, behind #5, right of #13, and left of #15

            If you have questions or comments regarding the local rules, please see someone on the rules committee so we can discuss it.

Rules Committee members:

Dan O’Connell

John Alkire

Roger Bean

Jeff Templeton

Pat Cashman